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We inform and educate people about Disposophobia. Disposophobia can simply be defined as “the fear of getting rid of stuff” and is the reason why people hoard.

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The solution to hoarding is professional help. At Declutter Masters®, we not only solve the problem, but also provide the remedy.

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We have over 30 years experience with clutter and hoarding management

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Case Study:

Helping A Hoarder

Are you or someone you know a clutterer, a hoarder? Do you save old magazines, newspapers, phone bills, and receipts? If so, you may suffer from a disease known as “Disposophobia.” WE CAN HELP!


Recent Cases:

Recent Case #1

In retrospect, it almost has the ring of a creative-problem-solving challenge: can you fit more than fifty industrial-size trash bags’ worth of junk in a ten-by-ten room? As we now know, thanks to Patrice Lumumba Moore, the answer is yes—but barely.


Recent Cases:

Recent Case #2

To those less familiar with today’s messmakers, Moore called to mind Homer and Langley Collyer, the Hermit Hoarders of Harlem, who in 1947 were discovered dead in their Fifth Avenue mansion amid a hundred and eighty tons of car parts, musical instruments, newspapers, and orange peels.

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